Travel and AirBnB

Recently I found myself travelling more often, either to meet new clients or for work around the country. This of course is not a matter for complaint, however one can imagine travel and accommodation costs really start to mount up. The average cost of a one star hotel in London for two nights, is approximately £100.00. The costs increases significantly as you start adding more stars.  This of course is dependant on the date and time of the year you're visiting, however you can't always choose when your clients need you. 

finding ways to save money whilst travelling is extremely important, especially because it starts to cut into your profit margins. Even if your not travelling for business, I'm sure you can agree saving money is a good thing.

AirBnB is a website/platform which allows home owners to rent out a room or their whole home for a short term period. The service is essentially like how you would expect a hotel to operate except with more of a homely feel.  I have used the service a number of times and I'm very impressed. 

Bookings are done online and the beauty of this service is the flexibility of where you can stay at reasonable prices. There are some beautiful homes available and so far all the hosts I've encountered have been fantastic. 

The images in this post are of a home we stayed at. The home was lovely, and very close to the tube station too making it very easy to get into the city. The family were very accommodating and had a beautiful, big fluffy cat (that didn't like me very much). Lastly the room itself was spacious and comfortable. 

Overall I'm a fan of AirBnB, I think the platform has been well thought out and making a booking is secure and easy. I found their verification process to be quite thorough and it's reassuring, especially when you consider how complete strangers are meeting for the first time. This is a platform I will using often and to get your £13.00 credit, please use the following link :-).