Tea at Buckingham Palace

For the last 40 years The Princes Trust has been an incredible organisation helping young people across the nation. I am one of those fortunate individuals who received support from The Trust and for that I'm extremely thankful. The support from The Trust is very real and hands on, it's been life changing.

Buckingham Palace

To celebrate the last 40 years, there couldn't have been a better venue than Buckingham palace itself and we were invited! 
Seeing Buckingham Palace in images and seeing the Palace in person are two very different things. There just isn't enough time to take in everything and really soak in all of its beauty. The tall pillars towering over you as you walk through the gates, the elaborate details and the stories intricately carved into stone. I knew I was going to be impressed, but I had no idea it would be to this degree. 

The walk through the palace was brief, however, it was enough to solidify a great appreciation for its interior. Velvet, chandeliers, oil paintings and the colour red, I wish I could share images that truly expressed what I saw. 

In the garden we all gathered together enjoying Earl grey tea, an assortment of cakes and of course, cucumber sandwiches. The cakes were definitely something to write home about, my favourite being the cream scones of which I had several helpings.

It was amazing to see so many individuals who had been supported by The Trust altogether in one place.  So many stories and so many struggles that had been overcome with help from The Trust. It really did bring home how much of an impact this charity has on young people. Not forgetting the many volunteers, ambassadors, donors and of course the people that work for The Trust.  It honestly is something quite wonderful to see so much goodwill all in one place. 

The highlight of the day was most definitely meeting and speaking with Prince Charles himself. His Royal Highness was ever so charming and told me to, "get in touch". I'm not certain as to how I can contact him just yet, I couldn't find him on Twitter, however I'm sure I'll find a way.

Ultimately this was a fantastic event celebrating an awesome cause and I'm very proud to have been part of it.  
With all my heart, Thank you to HRH and The Princes Trust.  

New Year... New You? :P

I know the title is cheesy, but I think a new year does somewhat represent a bit of a reset. It allows for a little perspective on what has been achieved so far and what could have been done better. I find myself being over critical of what I could have done in 2015. Looking back, I think overall I'm quite pleased. 

Matt Granger is a professional photographer who's also developing a popular Youtube channel, and I feel he really hit the nail on the head in his last video. I speak to allot of people who say they want to own a business but there are always some obstacles or something preventing from doing what they want.  It does frustrate me because I honestly believe the people making the excuses could also be the people who achieve so much, if they were to only change their perspective. 

Anyway enough of the mini rant, I hope watching this video helps. 

Just to quickly add a few points of my own: 

  • Don't procrastinate. It's so easy to suddenly get lost on Facebook or YouTube and several hours have been lost on doing absolutely nothing. 
  • Believe in yourself. I'm aware this is cliché, but it is for a reason. Doubting yourself really kills any dreams or ambitions you could have had, find a way past your doubts.
  • Just Do It. Seriously just do it. 


Thank you so much for all the support over last year it means allot to me and I want to sincerely wish you a wonderful new year.