How To Get Medium Format Colours With Full Frame: Canon 5DSR vs Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic

Medium format cameras have long been known for their incredible ability for producing beautiful colours. This generally comes down to the fact the larger sensor medium format cameras like the Phase one 100mp and the Hasselblad H6D 10c produce 16-bit raw files. Those extra bits in the raw files allow for significantly more colours and colour combinations. This is what generally lends to what many call the "medium format look". The latest release from Phase One the 100mp Trichromatic, takes this a step further and has the ability to produce incredibly accurate and vibrant colours straight out of camera. With a price tag of around £40,000 for a basic working system, this camera is out of reach for many photographers. 

In this video, I show how you can produce incredible colours with your full-frame camera. Using the Canon 5DSR and a Colour Checker Passport I demonstrate how you can achieve colours that are either very close or potentially even better than medium format cameras. 

You may have seen how a colour checker passport works but I'm guessing you've never seen it being compared to medium format, and definitely haven't seen it being compared to the Trichromatic. It's incredible how this relatively cheap bit of equipment can impact your images in such a significant way. 

Check out the full video to see the results.