Does professional gear mean professional results?


In the video below Tony Northrup demonstrates how professional results can be achieved by almost any entry level camera. it's amazing how many times I'll be showing a client or friend some pictures and their reaction to it is "wow you must have an amazing camera". Well...  I do and thank you for noticing however I'd be able to get the same results with a cheaper camera, it's a matter of time and effort.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not having a go at the friend or client because I understand they're simply complimenting me, which is always appreciated. 

A professional camera can make a huge difference to the results and the workflow can be significantly improved, however at the end of it all it does come down to the actual photographer. I do believe professional equipment is important and not just for bragging rights, but there is a balance. 

Anyway enough from me please watch the video below.