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This Is the Best Gimbal You Can Buy: Zhiyun Weebill Lab Review

Previously, I recommended the Feiyu-Tech A1000 as the gimbal to buy if you shoot with a smaller mirrorless set-up. Unfortunately since then, it’s been discontinued and no longer in production. Even B&H no longer stocks it. Fortunately Zhiyun has released a gimbal that’s simply incredible with their new Weebill Lab Gimbal.


More and more people are moving over to smaller mirrorless set-ups and companies like Zhiyun have started making gimbals specifically for this market. Having a smaller lighter system can be extremely convenient and it’s how I prefer to shoot in most situations. The Weebill Lab, although imperfect, is in my mind the best gimbal that’s currently available to buy. The compact size means that it can be comfortably carried even in smaller messenger bags with something like the Sony a7R III and a couple of lenses. This is extremely useful because if you’re a run and gun shooter you’re not being held back by huge and heavy equipment.

The Weebill Lab isn’t designed for larger lenses so the major drawback is that if you shoot with something like the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens then this may not be the gimbal for you. Instead, if you’re like me and you’re happier with a small lens like the FE 28mm f/2.0, then this might just be the perfect choice for you.

Check out the full video to find out why this gimbal is simply incredible.

Why You Need To Print & What to Print Your Images On

You may have already seen a number of videos or read a bunch of articles explaining why you need to print your images. This is something I wholeheartedly agree with. As a photographer whether professional or not, printing your images will undoubtedly improve your skills and perspective.

Chances are that in most cases you're probably viewing your images on a full HD screen, which is actually only about 2MP in resolution. Even if you're lucky enough to have a 4K display that's still only around 8MP. Currently, every entry-level DSLR that you can buy is at least 24MP, so you can imagine the difference in resolution is obviously impacting how you view your images. There's nothing quite like being able to see your hard work and creativity in a large print. 

There is, however, the question of what you should print your images on. There are so many options available, such as Canvas, Glass, Aluminium, Paper and so on. A company called recently reached out to me and were kind enough to print one of my images onto three different materials for me to compare. The images were printed on Glass, Aluminium and another material called ForEx which is similar to canvas however much better in every area. 

Leeds Cityscape 

The image above is one of my favorites of Leeds city center because I love how the architecture and colours work so well with one another.  This image was also shot with my favourite camera the Canon 5DSR and the incredible Zeiss 135mm f2 APO. The detail and clarity are stunning and I wanted to see how could perform in rendering all of the detail and colours. 

Check out the video below to find out which print looks the best and which is my favourite. 


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