The Team


Usman Dawood

As the lead photographer, it's my job to ensure I'm delivering excellent quality images along with the best customer service. I absolutely love my job and when you meet me you'll notice how passionate and happy I am photographing the locations I do. These are some of the reasons I've been able to develop strong and lasting relationships with some of the biggest firms around the world. 

Aside from photography I really enjoy creating videos for our YouTube channel which is growing very well. I work with a number of companies from all around the world reviewing their products and teaching techniques. I'm also a writer for two of the biggest photography websites in the world: and

My personal life includes my wonderful wife, my beautiful daughter Amelia, and my cuddly cat Mew. My favourite sport is boxing, Spotify is life, and if I'm not taking a picture, I'm probably smoking a cigar. 




Nasim Mulla

Nasim is a photographer and lead assistant at Sonder Creative. Her creative background leads really well into her role as she provides much needed support on large commercial shoots. 

From a young age, Nasim has been interested in photography and found it to be a great form of expression. Taking pictures of family and friends was almost second nature to her. When she met her husband Usman, photography became more than just a hobby. In a very short period of time, Nasim has educated herself and come to understand many complex techniques, to help deliver exceptional results for herself and Sonder Creative.

When she's not working, Nasim enjoys a vibrant social life with her close friends and family. She enjoys travelling and has a penchant for warm sandy beaches. Nasim is excited about the possibilities for Sonder Creative and with her devotion and hard work the company is in great hands.